Shilo De La Cruz
Mixed Media Artist


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Sculpture Garden

Mostly Flat

A Voice in Art

Misc. Older Work

All works of art are handcrafted originals. No prints or reproductions.
If you would like something "similar to” a piece that's no longer available
please inquire. It's likely I can accommodate your request.
I'm also happy to discuss commission work.

This site contains a compilation of work from the past decade.
Pieces marked with an (*) are no longer available. Please feel free to browse.
If you see anything that interests you send me an email.

What my customers say about my artwork
  1. I love my Shilo Art!! It makes me smile every time I look at it and I'm always seeing new details that I'd not noticed before. It brightens the room and lightens my day! Keep up the good work! -V. S.
  2. Shilo's art is unique; it often requires many view points to decipher its meaning. Much like life itself, each piece is entirely different when viewed from multiple angles. This multiple meaning approach creates a relationship and communication between artist and viewer. -Danielle Parker
  3. Shilo, your Mixed Media Art pieces are inspirational as well as functional. I love every piece we own; the Tea Pot & Cup set with oriental faces painted on them, the marvelous Horse Sculpture, and whimsical Bird Whistles (which everyone enjoys). I always look forward to seeing what you will show next!