Shilo De La Cruz
Mixed Media Artist
About Me
Like many Americans
I have lived much of my life on a limited budget and, as a result, 
it gives me great pleasure to make things last and reduce waste.
It's why I love making mixed media art.
I salvage, collect, save, and reclaim a ton of stuff.
It just makes sense to use it in my art and it's fun to share with others.
I find inspiration all around me,
especially in environmental textures like; gravel beaches, lichen covered tree bark,
tiny seed blossoms on mossy rocks, or remnants of old bird nests.
I also explore man-made environments and machinery for inspiration.
I am mostly drawn to their history and decay.
Weathered surfaces, layers of flaking paint, rusty metal, and crumbling structures
in the process of being reclaimed by nature are some of my favorites.
In addition, people inspire me in many ways.
I'm often intrigued by a person's looks, attitude or character. I'm also easily moved by emotion and always work toward incorporating these aspects into my artwork.
Have fun looking around and I hope you find something you like.
What my customers say about my artwork
  1. Shilo's art is crazy fun! I love the little sculpture I bought this winter 'Never Boring Bob' a small double sided head. I keep it on my desk and it makes everyone smile. More art more smiles! -Amber S.
  2. Shilo is a multifaceted mixed media artist who truly puts her energy into the beautiful works she creates. I own several of her sculptures and find myself often immersed in the creativity they inspire in me. Her work is a focal point in my home, continually sparking thought provoking conversations with my guests.
  3. Testimonials
    Shilo's art brings a peaceful calming energy to my soul. It reminds me to appreciate the beauty that is in every area of my life. -Jenn Abramson