Shilo De La Cruz
Mixed Media Artist
Mixed media artist from Olympia Washington

Skilled in ceramics, collage, concrete, painting, assemblage,
sculpture, and wood finishes.

Shilo loves the Pacific Northwest for its amazing foliage, beautiful birds, and diverse terrain,
not to mention the eclectic population! You will often see people as a focal point in her art,
yet Shilo is actually quite shy, and can usually be found working in her studio by the creek.
Shilo celebrates her personal complexity with varied subject matter ranging from whimsical still life paintings and comical sculptures, to more serious activist art and social commentary installations.
As a mixed media artist there is really no limit
to what can be used as subject matter or material.
All works of art are handcrafted originals. No prints or reproductions
Art can capture timeless beauty before your eyes,
or embody a torrent of potent meaning and leave you speechless.
Shilo has found a way to overcome some challenges of her shyness by utilizing her artistic skills to speak up and to speak out.
Her activist art can be found in the
"A Voice in Art" section of the gallery.

What my customers say about my artwork
  1. There are many interesting facets to Shilo's sculptures. I enjoy using her creative and practical ceramic artwork every day. I see and reflect on my day after I glance at the ceramic wall panels in our living room. Thanks Shilo for inspirations that allow me to enjoy my day. -Kevin Heikkila
  2. I feel a reflection of myself in the pieces of art Shilo creates. I have sets of different cups, plates, and bowls yet every piece is completely unique. There is an earthy warmth in the colors of Shilo's work, and within the art you find little flecks of yourself. -M Wearden
  3. Shilo's art has caused me to question aspects of human behavior. At other times it just makes me laugh and look more carefully and laugh again. I especially like her latest mixed media pieces which incorporate color, shades and texture in two dimensional works. Always recognizable Shilo's art is ever changing and provocative. -Barb